Celebrated chef shares his story

Credit: Honolulu Star AdvertiserThe hottest food trend on the mainland right now is something we in Hawaii have taken for granted for generations: poke.Chef Sam Choy hopes it’s not just a flash in the pan, he told culinary educators at a workshop. Not because he just opened Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max in Seattle after finding success with food trucks there, but because, as he said, “it’s a true taste of Hawaii.”His Seattle restaurant brings in 1,000 pounds of ahi each week from Hawaii, Choy said.The Hawai‘i Culinary Education Foundation staged the workshop at ChefZone on Thursday to give high school and community college culinary teachers insights into Choy’s career journey. The educators got to see a demonstration of classic and contemporary poke dishes, and watched the chef prepare a dish from a box of mystery ingredients, among other things.

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Before Captain Cook Poke

Recipe Credit: Chef Sam Choy

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