Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine

Chef Roy Yamaguchi Shares with Maui Culinary Students

Chef Yamaguchi and Maui Culinary students

The James Beard award-winning chef and founder of Roy’s Restaurants inspired and motivated the students. Roy’s has become well known throughout the world for its Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine featuring the freshest local ingredients, European sauces and bold Asian spices with a focus on seafood.


The students tasted Jaded Pesto and Steamed Opakapaka with Choy Sum, Sizzling Peanut & Garlic Soy and Spicy Lemongrass Crusted Shutome with Truffle Essence Celery Root-Potato Puree & Red Curry Lobster Sauce prepared by Roy’s Chef Joey Macadangdang.


Here are a few of the student comments:


“It was special because Roy shared many personal stories about successes and setbacks.”


“Very informative about his experiences and the roller coaster ride of the culinary industry.”


“Wonderful and inspiring.”


Source: Hayley Matson-Mathes

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