Chef Jackie Lau at Kauai Culinary Class

Roy's Executive Chef Jackie Lau taught an HCEF Kauai culinary class for 40 students.  The motivational class focused on how to succeed in the culinary profession. In one of the student's words, "I learned how to be prepared for the culinary world." Chef Jackie demonstrated mascarpone and ricotta cheeses and created a flavorful roasted vegetable salad giving many students their first taste of roasted fennel, hearts of palm, and even beets.

Chef Cathy Whims, six-time James Beard Award nominee “Best Chef Northwest” at LCC

Chef Cathy Whims and Chef Linda Colwell with LCC culinary students Chef Cathy Whims, six-time James Beard Award nominee "Best Chef Northwest," taught two HCEF classes at Leeward Community College and Maui Culinary Academy for 111 students. Chef Whims was joined by Portland culinary educator Chef Linda Colwell in teaching Kauai Shrimp Ravioli in Brodo, a thoroughly modern dish, and Spaghetti alla Chitarra using a traditional chitarra (guitar) stringed wooden board to cut the pasta. Download or print a copy of the recipes by clicking on the link below: PastaRecipes (word doc)PastaRecipes (pdf file)