Whole Hog

Whole Hog

Chef Ed Kenney and Chef David Caldiero, TOWN and DownTown
Restaurants, taught a Foundation “From Nose to Tail” program for 56 Maui Culinary Academy
students and professionals. 

The Oahu Chefs presented charcuterie and explained how to use the entire pig.  They detailed sustainability and cost benefits teaching the “why” behind using locally grown and

Chef Kenney and his business partner Chef Dave Caldiero are strong
advocates for local farmers and proponents for sustainable cooking and
living.  Their restaurants are lively community gathering places
guided by the mantra, “local first, organic whenever possible, with aloha

Here is what the students had to say about their experience:  I was amazed at the knowledge
and involvement of the chefs // They were so expressive; they know their craft // Nice to see “cool” guys expressing these culinary issues // I loved the break down of pork – I have never seen a whole hog // I left with a knowledge of food cost, community and how to use every piece of a hog // It blew my mind, very graphic // I had no idea there were so
many uses for a whole hog


Chef Ed Kenney and Chef Dave Caldiero Teach at Maui Culinary Academy


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